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Testing for drug allergy*

Testing for drug allergy*

Attention: Medication tests are among the most elaborate tests and can be done only for selected medications.

  • Gathering the patient's medical history (case history)
  • Blood tests (in some cases: penicillin, cephalosporine, muscle relaxants)
  • Skin tests (if possible - antibiotics, local anaesthetics, steroide, X-ray and MRI contrast media)

!! Provocation tests cannot be done in our clinic (for safety reasons only to be performed in hospitals)

For the first consultation (case history), please bring with you:

  • Suspected medication (as accurate as possible: name, dosage);
  • Timeline (when) and reaction patterns (if there are rashes - then photos);
  • Medical documents regarding the side effect; for anaesthesia incidents, please obtain an "anaesthesia protocol."

Schedule a consultation with our specialist physicians at Tel. +43 1 270 25 30!


Attention:Aspirin intolerance or NSAID intolerance is a common phenomenon and effects about 4% of the population. It is not an allergy and comprises the entire group of medications blocking the enzyme cyclooxygenase (COX). As allergy tests do not help in clarifying this intolerance, we ask you to seek advice at dermatological or internal medicine outpatient clinics in major hospitals. These tests cannot be done in our clinic.


Pleas note:

The FAZ is an appointment clinic and not an acute ambulance.

In case of acute symptoms, please contact specialists or hospital outpatient departments.