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Specific immunotherapy – SCIT, SLIT, AIT


Specific immunotherapy is the only causative treatment of type-1 allergy. In the classic, subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT) increasing amounts of allergen are injected in the upper arm in a weekly interval in order to “desensitize – make the patient unreactive” to the allergen.  After reaching a platform dose (= maintainence dose), the allergy is given in an interval of 4 to 6 weeks for a period of up to three years. SCIT is the golden standard.


There is also a sublingual route of administering specific immunotherapy: either by drops (SLIT – sublingual immunotherapy) or by tablets put under the tongue (AIT – allergen immunotherapy tablet). Tablets are currently available for grass pollen and house dust mite. Due to therapeutic efficacy, AIT is preferred.


The cost of specific immunotherapy is covered by your health insurance


Pleas note:

The FAZ is an appointment clinic and not an acute ambulance.

In case of acute symptoms, please contact specialists or hospital outpatient departments.