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In vivo testing:

Skin prick testing

Prick to prick testing

Intradermal testing

Epicutaneous testing (patch testing)

Testing for cold-induced urticaria

Testing for heat-induced urticaria

Lung function testing

Bronchial provocation testing and bronchospasmolysis

H2 breathing tests for lactose intolerance

H2 breathing tests for fructose malabsorption (“intolerance”)

H2 breathing tests for sorbit intolerance

Nitrazine skin pH testing


In vitro testing:

Total IgE

Total IgG

Total IgA

Specific IgE including component testing

“allergen chip” (ISAC)

Specific IgG4 - (monitoring of specific immunotherapy) 

Testing for celiac disease (IgA/IgG, TTG IgA/IgG)


ECP – eosinophilic cationic protein

C1-esterase inhibitor



Diamine oxidase (DAO)