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FAZ history


FAZ – Floridsdorf Allergy Center was founded in 1980 by Prof Dr Reinhart Jarisch and Prof. Dr. Manfred Götz as an outpatient clinic to diagnose and treat allergic diseases in children and adults. Besides diagnosing allergy, we also have built up a reputation in treating allergy with specific immunotherapy.

From the very beginning we have attended international allergy conventions on a regular basis, however some questions still remained unanswered. Therefore we have started our own allergy research. To date we have published more than 200 papers many of them in the most prominent scientific journals.

Research at FAZ is focused on a variety of topics such as food allergy including histamine intolerance, insect venom allergy, contact dermatitis, allergy to pollen and plants as well as allergy to formaldehyde. Antihistamine premedication in specific immunotherapy has made the treatment safer and more convenient for the patient. Patients with contact dermatitis to nickel can be treated with a DTPA containing ointment, a medication invented and established at FAZ.

With pride we take a look back on the last 30 years, however we are aware of a multitude of new tasks and questions we are willing to face. It goes without saying that we thank all our coworkers for their brilliant assistance. In addition we want to thank all our patients and referring doctors for their invaluable contributions and are pleased that we have successfully introduced many young doctors in the field of allergic diseases.