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all allergy tests 

Skin PricktestingPrick to Pricktestingintradermal testing
epicutaneous testing* (Mon, Tue, Fri)

Inhalant allergies (hay fever, bronchial asthma)  

Food allergy 

Coeliac disease 

Food intolerance 

Histamine intolerance

Lactose intolerance

Fructose intolerance 

Insect venom allergy 

Drug allergy

Eczma: contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis 


Lung function testing 

Assessment of IgE & specific IgE

Component based diagnosis 
Allergychip - ISAC, ALEX - on request

Private services:

Lactose- /fructose-/ sorbittest:                  75€

Sibo (bacterial misssetlement)                 75€

Lactosegentest                                         75€

Histamine in blood:                                   40€

Allergy chip

            ALEX                                                 187€

            ISAC                                                  250€


Specific immunotherapy 

subcutanous immunotherapy – SCIT 

sublingual immuntherapy – SLIT 

allergen tablet immunotherapy – AIT 


the cost of specific immunotherapy is covered by your health insurance


Please make an appointment on the telephone: +43 1 270 25 30 

Please also use our online appointment system!



Pleas note:

The FAZ is an appointment clinic for diagnosis of allergic diseases and not an acute outpatient clinic.

In case of acute symptoms, please contact specialists or hospital outpatient departments.